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A Homeowner's Ultimate Guide to Kansas City Roofing

June 27, 2019

Roofing is a staple in the life of every single homeowner out there. From weather-related fixes to new and improved technology, roofing can be a constant topic of conversation for many. Whatever kind of homeowner you might be, here is the ultimate guide to Kansas City roofing.


Weather Conditions

As many Kansas Citians know, our weather throughout the year seems to always end up on the far spectrum of things. 


Starting and finishing our year with harsh, wet winters, it’s important to know as a homeowner how to properly prepare for such weather conditions. 

Being prepared for harsh winter conditions should be the number one priority for a homeowner in Kansas City. Actions such as inspecting, cutting down tree limbs and clearing out gutters are steps that should be taken to ensure that your roof is ready for the coming months. 

Snow has fallen and the temperature outside hasn’t grown in weeks. Phenomenons such as ice dams, can be damaging to not only your roof, but can affect gutters and create possible leaks. 


The best option to get rid of this common issue during the winter is to take a box fan into your attic and aim it at the underside of the roof where water is leaking in.”


As the temperature outside drops, heating inside homes increase causing condensation to be created. Condensation can also engage leaks to occur in the same location as ice dams during this time of year if your attic is not properly insulated. It is important to be aware of these possible scenarios and be prepared to fix them if they come about. 


Winter has passed and spring is just around the corner, is your roof up to speed? Checking on and around your roof for fixable ares is a must during this time of year to ensure that your roof stays in great condition throughout the season. Thermal shock is another factor that you should consider when seasons are quickly changing. 

Mold in the springtime commonly pops up in homes in relation to roofing. Paying attention to ceiling areas and knowing what signs to look for is vital in keeping your home safe and secured from the damaging results of mold.


“Mold can be treated with bleach or a specialized solution, but it’s best to consult the experts, like the pros at RSG Construction, to take care of a mold problem.”



When the summer months kicks into gear, your roof might take a heavy toll on the sudden change in weather. Kansas City’s summer season is guaranteed to have high humidity and rainy weather. Extreme heat can warp and weaken parts of your roof. Often inspections can ensure that damages and deformity are caught and fixed quickly. 

Warmer weather means more critters on your roof and inside your gutters. Make sure to check for unwanted visitors as they can create issues inside and outside your home. 


Common Roofing Issues

As a multitasking protector for your home, your roof endures extreme conditions and scenarios in order to keep you and your home safe. 


There are many things to consider before deciding to replace your roof. Whether it is due to damage or age, replacing and repairing a roof is a large undertaking for a homeowner. This decision shouldn’t be taken lightly and all options should be handed out in order to choose the best option that suits you and your needs. 


“Be sure to do your research on roofing materials suitable for your climate and insist on quality materials when installing a new roof.”

Roofing Emergencies

Sometimes life happens and occurrences out of our control cause for roofs to be impaired and damaged. Your basic step is to always consider your safety first.


“Don’t risk injury or even death to assess or repair damage in a storm. Wait until the storm has passed and then proceed with a quick temporary repair or install a waterproof tarp over the damaged area if possible.”


The next step in a roofing emergency is to document the damage. Documentation will be beneficial later when working with your provider to restore your roof. The final step in emergencies is to simply call for expert assistance. 


“Check reviews, testimonials, and get referrals from friends who have used reputable companies, like RSG Construction.”


Roofing Characteristics and Technology

If you are buying a new house or deciding on a new roof for your current house, you have what seems like infinite options laid out for you to choose from. 


From shingle color to environmentally friendly options, homeowners have to ability to customize their roof to their liking. 


“We are Kansas City’s only GAF-certified Green Roofing Company. We’re immensely proud of our ability to provide our environmentally-conscious homeowners with savvy, sustainable roofing solutions.”


Roofing materials can also vary and give a signature look to your home depending on the style chosen. Materials such as asphalt, wood, metal, clay and slate are all options that are commonly used in the Kansas City area.


High energy costs are often a sore topic in households as many seek to have their home more energy efficient. In fact, most aren’t aware of the technological advances that roofs now have access to, including sustainable materials, green roofing and solar panels


“Depending on the size and style of rooftop solar panels, you could produce enough energy to simply heat your home or even give your excess power back to the grid.”


Money Related Costs

As a large investment for homeowners, a roof is vital to a safe and healthy living situation. Before putting a lot of money into a roof, siding or gutters, make sure you are informed of all your money saving options and aware of the possible scams that are out there.


“Many dishonest roofing companies will submit a low-ball bid to win a project and then increase the charges as the project progresses.”


Inspection Insight

One of the most important steps in obtaining a new roof is the inspection. Many think they only need an inspection after a rough storm or noticeable damages, which is incorrect. Inspections help to fix minor problems before they become major, costly disasters. 


“The goal of a roofing inspection is to make sure the roof is performing at an optimal level while identifying needs for repairs.”


Being prepared prior to an inspection will be helpful to both you and the inspector during the physical process. This will speed up any questions the inspector might have during the inspection and help you to keep track of all your important documents. 

“Confirming that the roof is safe, water tight, and structurally sound can take a huge weight off of anyone’s chest and can greatly extend both the life of a home and the healthiness of the owner’s bank account.”

Gutter Care

Playing as a sidekick to roofs, the gutters on your home play a large role in the upkeep of your property. 

“Gutters are the great conductors of water off the roof to areas where it can be absorbed safely, protecting the inside and outside of your home.”



If the condition of your gutters is not up to date, damage to your roof can occur as water can run under the shingles. Not only are gutter important when it rains, but they are also crucial to have during the winter as snow melts. 

A properly maintained drainage system is key to having a healthy relationship with your roof and keeping your home safe and secure from outside elements.


“Gutters that fill with leaves and debris can overflow and cause water damage to the roofing and anything beneath the ceiling. The siding on the house can start rotting, and the uncontrolled flow of water can drown flower gardens and other valuable plants.”



While they might seem simple to look at, gutters play an important role in making sure your roof stays in great condition. The material that you choose for your gutters is also an essential part in the process of guaranteeing a structured home. Vinyl, aluminum, steel and copper are common kinds of gutters that many homeowners in the Kansas City choose from. 


Choosing Kansas City’s RSG Construction 

Wherever you live in the Kansas City area, choosing a Kansas City-based roofing company to complete your projects will not only save you time and money, but you will add a personal touch to the sometimes daunting task of getting a new roof. 


“Because local roofers live and work in and around Kansas City, they spend less time traveling to and from jobs and more time working on your roof."

"When you hire a local roofing company, you’re receiving the expertise of professionals who recognize and understand the most common problems facing the Kansas City metro area."

"Local companies value your business and work hard to earn your satisfaction, referrals, and trust. Hiring a Kansas City-based roofing company matters because it promotes the local economy and promotes small business.”


Give the team at RSG a call at 816-866-4235 or just click HERE to schedule your free consultation.

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