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3 Common Roofing Scams to Avoid in Kansas City

May 18, 2016

Since roofing problems can cause serious damage to your home, most people are anxious to fix any roofing problems right away. Some unscrupulous contractors prey on that anxiety to scam customers out of thousands of dollars. RSG wants you to be aware of these potential fraudulent practices so you can protect yourself from scams. Here are details on three common roofing scams to watch out for in Kansas City.

#1 – Down Payment

A common roofing scam involves swindling homeowners by requesting a down payment and then disappearing with the money. The down payment is usually said to be required to purchase supplies, but in reality, they have no intention of doing any work on the home. Unfortunately, in most cases, the scammer cashes that down payment check and is never heard from again. Protect yourself from this scam by refusing to give any money to the contractor before supplies have been delivered to your home.

#2 – Storm Chasers

Though disreputable contractors who chase storms have been well-publicized in the past, these scammers still manage to steal thousands of dollars from homeowners every year. These companies will send sales reps to areas that have been hit by storms and offer free inspections. Then, they will take the money provided by the insurance company and deliver extremely low-quality work. Many times, a roof completely by one of these storm chasers will last five years or less. Then, when repairs are required, they are nowhere to be found. Homeowners can avoid this scam by working with established local roofing companies and checking references of work that is at least a year old.

#3 – Changing Bid

Many dishonest roofing companies will submit a low-ball bid to win a project and then increase the charges as the project progresses. Some companies have even been known to take off the old roof and then demand additional money before putting the new roof on.  A reputable company will have language in the contract spelling out all the costs up-front. That language should also include the cost to repair any problems that are uncovered during the process. To protect yourself from this type of problem, be sure to have a contract that spells out all costs associated with the project before beginning work.

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