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Top 4 Holiday Lighting Tips

December 04, 2018

“250 strands of lights, 100 individual bulbs per strand, for a grand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights…”– Clark Griswold, Christmas Vacation

Recall that infamous scene?  We’ve all been there and felt Clark’s frustration with outdoor lighting.  Creating a winter wonderland that will impress your family and neighbors doesn’t have to be so challenging. 

Here are our Top 4 outdoor holiday lighting tips:

Safety First

Creating the perfect holiday lighting display won’t be worth much if you are injured in the process. So, it’s important you follow safe practices from start to finish.  One of the most dangerous parts about installing holiday lights is using a ladder. Here are ways to prevent ladder and falling injuries:

  • Keep the ladder at a 75-degree climbing angle and ask someone to hold the ladder.
  • Make sure the safety feet are deeply embedded in the ground, which is especially important when there’s ice or slick conditions.
  • Keep plugs and extension cords off of the ground so they don’t come in contact with water. Also, keep them away from rain gutters, and replace any damaged or worn-out cords.

Don’t Mix & Match Lights

Whether you go with LED or incandescent lights is your choice, but, you should only use one, instead of using the two types together.  The lights are extremely contrasting and they do not look good together. So, use either one or the other.

Most holiday lights used today are LEDs because of their benefits. LED lights use about 80 percent less electricity compared to incandescent lights, and they last longer. LEDs are also less likely to trip your breaker if moisture gets in them. There are a variety of LED colors like warm white light, which can bring you that classic, traditional feel of Christmas.

Decide on Design

There are always lighting trends you can look at and follow, but the most important thing is to find colors, styles and designs you and your family will enjoy.

If you have children (or are a child at heart), you might want to make your home more festive and fun with color combinations, like blue and amber or the classic red and green.  To create focal points, you can also add starbursts to walkways, trees and door entryways. Or, use linkable lights — like snowflakes — to add character to your outdoor space.  There are so many different lighting colors, designs and options available, so find what shows off your style the best.

From all of us at RSG Construction we wish you a merry and BRIGHT holiday season!

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