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What to Expect from a Professional Roof Inspection

October 19, 2018

If a home owner is thinking about a roof inspection, they’re already ahead of the game. Many people don’t even think about their roof until buckets of water start coming down in their living room.

While it is smart to do a spot-check inspection twice a year, we recommend bringing in trained professionals every once in a while to do a more thorough check. 

The Costs of Keeping Your Roofing Maintained

So how much does a professional roof inspection cost? Is it worth it?

The price is going to depend greatly on the company doing the work. Some will charge anywhere from $50 to $300 for the inspection, while other companies will do it for free.

Even at the highest rate, however, getting a professional inspection done is imperative. While no one wants to pay for an inspection they don’t think they need, the cost will be far lower than what could happen if they never get their roof inspected.

Before You Begin

Long before the inspector shows up, and hopefully even before they’ve been booked, we find it’s best to gather some information about the house and the roof upfront.

The owner should find any plans, notices, permits, or receipts that show the last time the roof was repaired. If that repair work includes a warranty, even better.

Plans or blueprints of the actual construction of the house would also prove useful.

What They’re Looking for on the Outside

When they go up to the roof, the professional roof inspectors will generally be looking for leaks, gaps between the roof and structures like the chimney, missing tiles, fatigued roofing, mold, loose gutters, ice dams, and that the flashing along all of the joints is still tight.

They will then not only make note of all of these problems (should they occur), but will also assess how to repair or replace the affected sections.

What They’re Looking for on the Inside

We advise an owner to ask beforehand if the inspection includes an interior check – it’s not always a given, depending on the service.

If it does, they’ll focus primarily on obvious leakage spots, the vents, the condition of the insulation, and finally a spot check for mold and rot. They will do most of this work in the attic, though they may do a quick walkthrough to check all of the ceiling for leaks and leak stains.

What Happens Next?

After the inspection is complete, the service will offer up what they feel needs to be done to keep the roof maintained. They’ll start with the absolute must-dos – leaks, mold, structural damage – and then let the owner know if things like the flashing is wearing out, or if insulation has come loose or disintegrated with time.

These assessments will of course come with a price tag and some documentation. If the company just does inspections, that’s it – the owner will have to contact a local trusted roofer themselves. If, on the other hand, the inspectors are already part of a roofing company, they will likely want to go to work right away.

The Most Important Part of Your House

While the living room may be where we all watch the game and the kitchen the source of all deliciousness, it’s easy to forget that the roof above our heads is priority number one.

Confirming that the roof is safe, water tight, and structurally sound can take a huge weight off of anyone’s chest and can greatly extend both the life of a home and the healthiness of the owner’s bank account.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that couldn’t be truer for the condition of a roofing system.

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