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January 04, 2016

Spring has arrived in most parts of the United States. Since spring brings rain in many areas of the country, it is a good idea to thoroughly check your home’s exterior, most especially the roof, to ensure it didn’t suffer any ill effects from harsh winter weather. Small areas of damage can lead to big problems if they aren’t caught in time. Here are 5 things you should do every spring to ensure your roof stays in tip-top shape.

#1 – Check roof shingles

Do a thorough check of your roof for loose or missing shingles. High winds and storms can do a lot of damage to shingles and missing shingles are an easy way for water to make its way into your home. If you notice any areas that seem damaged, get a professional consultation to assess the damage. If you have shingles that are buckling, curling or blistering, it is a sign that your roof has probably reached the end of its life expectancy. It’s definitely time to get a professional consultation and consider replacing your roof.

#2 – Clean and inspect the gutters

Spring is a great time to clean and check your gutters. While not technically a part of the roof, gutters control the way that water runs off the roof. Problems with clogged or misaligned gutters can lead to roof issues and even foundation problems for your home.

#3 – Evaluate the chimney and vents

Chimneys and vents are some of the most common areas for roof leaks to begin. The slightest damage to a seal can cause major problems with your roof. Be sure to closely monitor these areas for damage and to consult with a professional if you suspect any problems. Fixing a leaky vent is much cheaper than replacing an entire roof.

#4 – Look for mold, mildew, and algae

While they may seem like minor issues, don’t be fooled by a small amount of mold, mildew, or algae on your roof. Finding any one of them growing on your roof indicates that you have a moisture problem. Too much moisture leads to wood rot and deterioration. This is a problem that requires an immediate evaluation by an experienced professional.

#5 – Examine trees and limbs

Make sure tree limbs and other foliage are trimmed well away from your roof. Shaded roof areas promote mold and algae growth. Tree limbs scraping across the roof can damage gutters and shingles. Plus, hanging limbs can be dislodged by a storm and cause serious damage to your home.

Taking the time to thoroughly check your home’s exterior and roof several times a year is the best way to ensure the life expectancy of your roof and to protect your investment.

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