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How to Handle a Roofing Emergency

July 31, 2017

If you’re looking to replace your roof due to normal age and deterioration, you will probably spend days and maybe even months researching your options, checking the credentials of roofers in the areas, and preparing your budget for the job. However, when disaster strikes, and time is of the essence, what can you do to prepare your structure and your family to make sure that you are adequately protected? We’ve prepared a disaster plan for you, and hope you never need it!

  1. Always consider your safety first. If your roof is damaged in the middle of a storm, there is little you can or should do in the time until the storm passes. Lightning, high winds, hail and driving rain make for unsafe and unstable conditions to be assessing your structure. Don’t risk injury or even death to assess or repair damage in a storm. Wait until the storm has passed and then proceed with a quick temporary repair or install a waterproof tarp over the damaged area if possible. If your roof has been damaged do to a fire, do not attempt to assess for damage yourself. Oftentimes, fire damages the integrity of the structure of your home, making it dangerous to access any part of the roof. Leave all emergency repairs to the professionals.
  1. Document the damage. After you’ve assessed the initial damage to your roof, it’s time to make a phone call to your insurance provider. While you’re waiting, take pictures of the existing damage, including surrounding structures and landscaping. It’s also a good idea to find pictures of what the structure looked like before it was damaged, if you have any available. These images will be beneficial as you work with your provider to restore your structure back to its original condition.
  1. Call the experts. Your next call should be to a reputable local roofer. It’s important to note that roofing companies will seem to pop up overnight after a storm or event that causes widespread damage, maybe even going door-to-door in areas that have been hit hard by storms or fire. Be wary of these providers, also referred to as “storm chasers.” They capitalize on the fear and uncertainty of homeowners in crisis and they could depart the area just as quickly as they arrived, leaving additional financial destruction for homeowners. It’s better to call a local company who knows the area, has your community interests at heart and is still going to take your phone calls long after the current disaster is over. Check reviews, testimonials, and get referrals from friends who have used reputable companies, like RSG Construction.

 At RSG Construction, we’re here for you in good times and bad. If an emergency threatens your home, don’t take chances with an unknown company more interested in your money than your peace of mind. Call the professionals at RSG Construction, and we’ll weather the storm together.

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