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What to Look for In A Roofing Inspection

February 09, 2017

Think you only need a roofing inspection when a bad storm passes through your area, or you see water spots on your ceiling?  Think again.  Your roof takes a beating no matter the season, and it’s important to have routine roofing inspections to fix minor problems before they turn into major disasters. 

 The goal of a roofing inspection is to make sure the roof is performing at an optimal level while identifying needs for repairs. Here’s how to tell if your roofing professional really inspected the roof, or just kicked the shingles.


  • Structural inspection:  The inspector should report on any uneven roof surfaces and any signs of sagging.  There should also be consideration paid to the soffit, fascia, and gutter system.  Chimneys should be inspected for cracks, leans, and crumbling grout.  Chimney caps should also be inspected to make sure they are in proper working order.  Skylights and flashing should be checked.  A full roof inspection should also include looking at attic vents—if vents aren’t working properly they can lead to heat and moisture buildup that can form ice dams and decrease roof life.
  • Materials: Next, the roof inspector will take a close look at the actual materials used on the roof.  He will look for loose, broken, or curing shingles, missing flashing or fasteners.  A good inspector will also look for signs of moisture such as moss and rust.  Seals around vent pipes should be checked for gaps and deterioration.
  • Interior: One of the most critical steps in a roofing inspection doesn’t actually happen on the roof.  The inspector should check ceilings and walls inside your house, as well as the attic space to make sure there are no ways for water to travel inside the house.
  • Analysis: After the inspection is complete, you should receive a detailed inspection report.  This report should state the current condition of your roof and list any repairs that need to me made.


A thorough roof inspection is much more than just kicking a few shingles.  At RSG Construction, we suggest getting a roof inspection each year, and this is the perfect time. Give us a call at 816-866-4235 or just click HERE to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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