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When the Leaves Fall, it's Time to Inspect Your Trees

October 03, 2016

                It’s Fall in Kansas City!  The Midwest is always beautiful in October, when green leaves give way to rich-jewel toned shades and turn the countryside a firey orange-red.  While trees can be a beautiful focal point in your yard this time of year, they can also cause potential problems if they get too close to your home.  Below are important reasons you should trim all trees near your roof, and potential problems to look for when trimming.

                Trees near your roof line are dangerous.  All it takes is a big winter storm or a blast of winter wind to crack a branch and send it down onto your roof.  This can damage shingles, flashing and gutters—critical pieces of your roofing system.  Small tree-climbing animals can also use overhanging branches to climb onto your roof.  Rats, mice, raccoons and squirrels are agile tree-climbers.  These animals can bite, gnaw, and burrow into your shingles or other roof components.  They can also use this roof access to find a way into your home, leading to rodent infestation in your attic.  Trimming your trees away from your roof is also a smart growth tactic.  It helps you spot diseased branches and remove them quickly, before the damage spreads to the entire tree.

                Right after the leaves fall off your trees is the perfect time to inspect them for damage and disease.  Once the leaves are out of the way, you have a clear view of any potential issues.  First, look for signs of rot or fungus.  If you spot either, it’s a good indicator that the entire branch needs to be cut down.  If a branch is full of brown, dead leaves that shrivel and crumble in place instead of falling off, it’s a sure sign that the branch needs to be pruned to keep the tree healthy.  If branches are split, or has gouges from damage to the bark, they need to be removed to keep them from breaking and causing damage later.

                By completing a fall tune-up on your property’s trees, you can keep damage at bay and away from your structure.  By conducting a tree inspection as you prune, you can keep you trees healthy and beautiful for many falls to come!

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