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How to Know When Your Porch Needs a New Roof

July 05, 2018

How to Know When Your Porch Needs a New Roof

Having an appealing roof is crucial for the value and curb appeal of any home. While many people consider the exterior factors of their property to be limited to landscape, stonework, and paint jobs, the roof is one of the most noticeable aspects of any property.

Your roof is also an essential element of the structural integrity of your home. When the roof over your porch starts deteriorating, it might indicate that maintenance is needed elsewhere as well. Most of the time, a well-maintained roof can protect your home and preserve the investment you made in your porch's roof. 

That’s why it’s important to know when your porch needs a new roof so you can take action immediately. Some of the most common signs of a porch roof needing repair or replacement include dips, bulges, and stains along with damaged shingles.

Does your porch need a new roof? Read on to discover the answer.

Dips, Bulges, and Stains and Roof Repair

When a roof bulges or dips, it's typically a sign of water damage. Water can erode the structural integrity of a roof, making it weaker, ultimately causing it to buckle under its own weight or become bloated. When a dip or bulge persists for an extended period without being addressed, the damage can affect the integrity of the entire roof as a whole.

In worst-case-scenarios, a dip in the roof comes about as a result of rotting wood underneath. Needless to say, rot is never good. A porch roof will collapse if the wood holding it up is rotting, no matter what kind of shape the roof is in. It’s a good idea to get in touch with your local roofing company if you see any of these signs.

Dips, bulges, and stains are the most visible signs that your porch needs a new roof. What defines these types of defects is that they show a deformity in the structural integrity of the roof. When a roof is healthy, it appears symmetrical and sturdy. When a roof is ailing, it becomes warped and grotesque, both on the surface and underneath. The change in outward shape symbolizes the change in underlying architecture.

Damaged Shingles and Roof Repair

The roofing over your porch should have initially been equipped with adequate ventilation. Having less-than-optimal ventilation can lead to damage while having proper ventilation extends the lifetime of your roof. If the company you hired to construct your roof failed to install good ventilation, you might eventually find yourself taking on unexpected costs due to shingle damage.  

Take a quick glance at your roof. Are any of its shingles buckling, curling, or missing? Is there any debris present in your gutter that might have come from damaged shingles?

If you do see any uneven shingles that have begun to buckle or curl at the edges, or other signs of damage such as bulges, stains, and dips, all of these are definite signs that your porch needs a new roof. Make sure that you ask your roofing professional to let you know how best to take care of your roof and protect it against future damage.   

So, How Does Your Porch Roof Compare?

In the end, your porch roof should never show any signs of staining, curling, or buckling. And if shingles have been damaged, it’s probably time to consider getting a new roof.

Be sure to inspect your porch, home, and garage roof regularly to catch any issues before they escalate. A small fix is always better than needing an entirely new roof!

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