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Green Roofing: An Investment in Your Future

January 11, 2017

Whether it is separating paper from plastic in the recycle bins, bringing reusable shopping bags to the grocery store or driving hybrid cars, making lifestyle choices that create a more sustainable future are important to many of our customers.  At RSG, we are committed to improving not only the beauty and function of homes and businesses, but also to improving the environment.  We are proud to be the Kansas City’s only GAF Certified Green Roofing Company.

What does this certification mean?  According to the GAF Sustainability Mission Statement:  “As the roofing industry leader, GAF is proud to promote sustainability in all areas of our business. We practice and support new technologies in energy efficiency, material optimization, and recycling that help conserve natural resources, and we share our knowledge to help our contractors, colleagues, and customers do the same.”

With our different roofing options, choosing to “go green” with your asphalt shingle roofing doesn’t have to cost a great deal more than a regular roof, and when you figure in the benefits it’s easy to see that a green roof can actually save you money in the long run.  Upfront expenses might include an upgraded heat barrier, recycled asphalt shingles, and higher-quality roofing materials, but the energy savings and having a longer-lasting roof well outweigh the cost over time.

Not only can “going green” put money in your pocket down the road, the most important benefits of a green roof can’t be measured by money alone.  A green roof is much more valuable than any monetary investment.  Green roofs are healthier, longer-lasting, and lower maintenance than their standard counterparts.  They allow you to provide a better world for your children and grandchildren, and that is something that cannot be described in dollars and cents.

 At RSG, we are immensely proud of our ability to provide our environmentally conscious homeowners with savvy, sustainable roofing solutions.  We’ve worked hard to reach this status, and now you can benefit from our training.

 If you think a green roof is the right choice for your family, Give RSG a call today at 816-866-4235 or just click HERE to schedule your complimentary consultation.  We would be honored to help you plan, design and install the best, greenest roof you possibly can.

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