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FAQs About a New Roof

July 13, 2018

FAQs About a New Roof

When considering a new roof, you should ask yourself some primary questions. Some of these questions relate to the cost of a new roof, your annual roofing costs, roofing options, and whether or not you can do it yourself.

The cost is easy to calculate. Your options come down to two primary choices. And for the most part, you should avoid doing this kind of work yourself.

How Much Will It Cost to Get a New Roof?

Everyone wants to know how much it will cost them to get a new roof. The answer to this question varies depending on a host of factors. Some of the key factors involved in determining the cost of a roof include the materials selected, size and location of the building or home, the contractor constructing the roof, the time of year and local labor rates.

In order to get a sense of what a roof for your specific needs might cost, be sure to get several estimates from licensed contractors in your local area.

Getting multiple price quotes also ensures that you will get the best deal when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is and buy a new roof.

Remember that price is only one factor and when it comes to construction, you often get what you pay for. Of course, there are exceptions to this general rule, but more often than not, the price of a new roof aligns with the quality of materials and excellence of the craftsmanship.

How Do I Best Determine My Annual Roofing Cost?

A simple mathematical equation can be used to best estimate your annual roofing cost.

To determine the approximate cost of your roof per year, add the total cost of your roof materials and labor to the life expectancy of your roof system in years. The result will be your annual roofing cost

What are My Roofing Options?

If your roof needs replacement, you have two primary ways forward.

First, you can choose to completely replace your roof system. This involves tearing down the existing roof, shingles and all, and construction a new one in its place. Or, as an alternative, you could re-cover your existing roof. Re-covering only involves installing a new roof system on top of the old without removing it first.

If you have already re-covered your original roof, be sure to have a professional contractor help you decide whether or not another re-cover is feasible. In many cases, regulations do not allow for more than one roof system re-covering. After one re-covering, it may be necessary to get a new roof altogether.

Can I Do the Work Myself?

Most roofing work is better left to professional contractors. Do not attempt to do roofing work alone. Professional roofing contractors have been trained to effectively replace or repair existing roof systems. They know the safety codes and regulations to follow, equipment to use, and how to go about replicating past procedures.

Roof Questions Summarized

In the end, these four FAQs about a new roof will get you started when it comes to getting a new roof.

You need a contractor for most of the work. Your options come down to re-cover or replacement. A simple equation can help determine your annual roofing cost. And getting multiple price quotes will get you the best price.

Don’t try to put on a new roof all alone without first consulting a contractor and make sure you answer all the most frequently asked questions about getting a new roof before you move forward.

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