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Don't let leaves cause leaks this winter!

October 01, 2017

The trees around Kansas City are beginning to turn, and soon it will be time to start raking the leaves from our lawns. Fall is also the perfect time to perform a chore that many homeowners loathe…cleaning the gutters. Is this home maintenance chore truly necessary? Absolutely!

A few minutes in the fall can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. The purpose of gutters is to carry rainwater away from your roof and foundation of your home. When gutters get blocked with debris, the water has nowhere to escape. Water then spills over the sides of the gutters and can cause water damage and mold. In the winter, this spillover causes icicles that can cause damage to your gutter system and shingles.

You don’t need to clean your gutters often, only one or two times per year is sufficient for most homes. Late fall is the perfect time to clean your gutters, as most of the leaves will have fallen from the trees, yet it is still warm enough to be outside. Once your gutters are cleaned of leaves, birds’ nests and other blockages, use a hose to spray down the gutter to wash away anything you might have missed. Spraying a hose into your gutters will also show you any leaks that need to be fixed.

Of course, there are lots of homeowners that would rather not spend any amount of time up on a ladder, including cleaning gutters. If you’re one of them, there are many companies that will clean your gutters for you. Be sure to use a company that you trust and is insured, like RSG Construction.

When the leaves fall, don’t let them put your home at risk. Would you like to make sure your roof is ready to weather our winter? Give the team at RSG a call at 816-866-4235 or just click HERE to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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