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3 Reasons Your Roof Might Be Leaking

March 18, 2016

Aside from being annoying, a leaking roof can be a sign of a much more serious problem with your home. Water intrusion of any kind into your house is a problem that requires immediate intervention. There are few things that can damage your home as extensively as unmitigated water. Luckily, not every type of leak requires a complete overhaul to your roof. Some water problems can be fixed with a simple repair.

Here are 3 of the most common causes of roof leaks and what you need to do to fix them.

Problem #1: Gutters are clogged

The job of gutters is to divert water away from your roof. If your gutters are clogged, water may be pooling on your roof. This creates more opportunity for water to seep through cracks or other weak areas of the roof.

Solution: Fortunately, this one has a simple solution. You’ll need to get your gutters cleaned and remove any debris that may be interfering with water flow. This will reduce pooling on the roof and stop any leaks caused by gutter problems.

Problem #2: Vent seals are cracked

Roof vents are the small pipes that stick out from your roof. Their job is to release excess moisture from your inside your house. When the vents are installed, they are usually sealed with flashing and a rubber boot. Over time, the rubber can crack, or the flashing can come loose.

Solution: Installing a new boot and flashing is a relatively simple fix, but you’ll probably want to call in an expert to handle it. Roofing material is fragile and you can easily damage the surrounding shingles if you aren’t used to working on them.

Problem #3: Flashing is damaged

Flashing are thin pieces of metal that create a waterproof barrier between the shingles and roof joints. Over time, flashing can become loose, damaged, or cracked, allowing water to enter your house.

Solution: Repairing small areas of flashing is another simple fix that won’t require an entirely new roof, assuming the areas requiring repair are small and localized. This is another project that is best to have completed by a professional, as it requires moving existing shingles without damaging them.

Do you have a water leak and need an expert opinion? Call RSG Construction, Kansas City’s premier roofing company, at 816.866.4235. RSG will check your roof and recommend the best way to complete any necessary repairs.

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